Preview: Spirit Week 2012

Jack Shapiro and Callie Walker

Spirit Week is rapidly approaching, bringing with it the desperate rush for the best and the craziest costumes to demonstrate class spirit.

Running from Monday, Oct. 22, to Friday, Oct. 26, this Palo Alto High School tradition is known for its over-the-top outfits and competitions. This year’s Associate Student Body has planned a barrage of exciting events pitting class against class and  student against student.

Float building will begin at 10 a.m. on Saturday Oct. 20 at  and will continue on Sunday at the same time.

Spirit Week kicks off on Monday Oct. 22 with Theme Day. Each class will dress up as their theme and compete in that day’s lunch activity: musical chairs. One boy and one girl from each grade will compete beginning with seven chairs. Points will be awarded based off the finish of each class.

Tuesday is Salad Dressing Day, and the lunch time activity will be the every-so-popular Sumo wrestling competition. One boy and one girl from each grade will compete for the best of three games per round, starting with senior boy v. freshman boy, junior boy v. sophomore boy, with the winners playing each other in the final. The same follows for the girls.

Wednesday is Color Day with a relay race at lunch. Three boys and three girls from each grade will race through a variety of obstacles including a wheel barrel race, an egg spoon race, a three-legged race and potato or lemon roll using only one’s nose to the finish line.

This will be followed by Thursday, Generation Day, with a rally during both lunch and Advisory. The lunch time rally will include a hula hoop contest, where teams of  ten compete to send the hula hoop one way then back the other way while holding hands, and and tug-o-war. The advisory rally will include a basketball three-point shooting contest and a class dunk competition.

The final day, Green and White day, also boasts two rallies. At lunch, teams of six will compete in a costume race from one side of the quad to the other, followed by a dance-off, but it’s not until after school that the big finale comes. The Paly cheer team will perform, followed by spirit dances and floats.