Digital Yearbook club aims to immortalize high school memories

Noa Braun, Author

Nostalgia filled the air as Digital Yearbook club founders browsed through videos of their fifth grade selves — an experience that prompted the creation of Palo Alto High School’s own multimedia-based yearbook club.

Digital Yearbook, a new club at Paly, seeks to create video mementos for the 2012-2013 school year. The club founders, juniors Alex Warner and Olivia Koyama, originally inspired to create the club after rewatching the digital yearbook created for their fifth grade class.

“We [Warner and Koyama] took special interest in the digital yearbook because it was created by our fifth-grade selves and featured every Addison fifth grader,” Warner said. “Watching videos had a greater impact on us than looking at pictures from the yearbook because we could see our childhood friends and relive elementary school moments. We thought it would be a great idea to have another similar yearbook to document our Paly years.”

The club leadership is still tackling issues such as finding a way to fund the yearbook as well as the means through which they will create this memento.

“We are still figuring out basic things like how to fund the yearbook and how our staff will be organized, so we haven’t looked quite that far into the future,” Warner said.

However, if all goes according to plan, the club hopes to provide the digital yearbooks free of cost.

“We want to give them [the digital yearbooks] out for free so that people will actually watch them,” Warner added.

There remains the possibility that the club will be transformed from a club into a new addition to Paly’s publications, according to Warner.

“[Principal Phil] Winston has expressed interest in our club, so it [the club becoming a publication] might be a possibility for the future,” Warner said. “There is also the question of how professional and how much time we have to put into this project. I think making our club a publication would require us to have a more professional yearbook and would be a larger time commitment.”

As of now, the club plans to create four, separate “mini yearbooks” in order to fully capture events that occur in each grade.

“We are planning to divide the yearbook up by classes into four mini yearbooks,” Warner said. “Each mini yearbook will be produced by people from that class in order to get the full spectrum of the high school experience.”

The club hopes to capture key events that occur throughout the year through the different perspectives of each grade level.

“We plan to include all of the major events in the yearbook such as spirit week, prom and finals week, but we want to capture them through video verbatim interviews,” Warner said.  “Ideally we would capture the way students feel about each step of high school so that in 30 years we can look back and remember.”

The club meets twice a month on Fridays during lunch in room P14.