Camp Everytown applications due Tuesday

Paige Esterly, Author

Students who wish to apply for Camp Everytown must have their applications turned in by Tuesday, Sept. 25.

These applications can be turned in to Dean of Students Craig Tuana or teacher Letitia Burton.

Staff members have been encouraged to nominate students, and teacher advisors have been instructed to pick two to three students from their advisories to give applications to. Students can self-nominate, as well, and can pick up applications in the main office, the guidance office or the library.

Camp Everytown itself will take place Thursday, Nov. 8, to Sunday, Nov. 11.

“It [Camp Everytown] is an opportunity for students, both traditional and non-traditional leaders, to develop their leadership skills,” Tuana said. “It also provides a forum to meet and make friendships with students that they may not typically have the opportunity to…it is a unique opportunity [for students] to learn about themselves and others.”

Students who attended Camp Everytown in previous years agree that it is a truly unique experience.

“[Camp Everytown] allowed me to meet lots of people from [Henry M.] Gunn [High School] that I would have never met and also people from Paly that I had no idea went to my school,” said senior Micayla Brewster, who attended last year.

Junior Maria Carew learned a lot during her time at Camp Everytown.

“I had a positive experience,” she said. “It taught me about leadership.”