Summer construction makes progress

The new math and social sciences building and media arts center are expected to be completed on time in June, after extensive construction progress over the summer, according to assistant principal Kimberly Diorio.

“It’s come a long way,” said Diorio, who says that the buildings are on schedule to be completed on time the first week of June. However, Diorio also noted that rain may affect the rate of construction.

“Some of it depends on the weather,” she said.

Other projects this summer included the instillation of new more energy efficient light bulbs in the tower building and parking lot.

“The district is looking at decreasing our energy expenditures,” Diorio said.

Diorio added that the new ornate green lamp posts in the parking lot are also meant to be more aesthetically appealing.

“It fits more with the time period of the building,” Diorio said.

The Tower Building and Haymarket Theater received other maintenance work including replacement of damaged roof tiles and a new coat of paint. Dry rotted ceiling material was also replaced in the breezeway between the Tower Building and theater.

Diorio says that no new funding was required for these projects which are covered by Paly’s  general funding and the district’s $378 million Measure A bond passed in 2008. The work was completed by district personnel and outside contractors.

“The guys were really good.” Diorio said. “They checked in with us every week.”

Future projects include the replacement of the tower building windows this October. Plans for a library renovation are also underway.