Freshmen to vote for class officers

Noa Braun and Edward Mei

The Palo Alto High School freshmen class will vote for Associated Student Body president and vice president for the 2012-2013 school year during advisory tomorrow in the Haymarket Theater.

Students will listen to the candidates’ speeches prior to casting their votes on Thursday, according to ASB vice president Soo Song.

“As done in past years, teacher advisers will be in charge of handing out ballots to their advisories,” Song said. “Freshmen will be able to first listen to speeches and then check off the names on the ballot of the candidates of their choice. The marked ballots will be their tickets out of Haymarket.”

According to Matt Hall, student activities director, there are two candidates for freshman class president and one for freshman class vice president. The position of freshman vice president will be filled by Owen Dulik. The two candidates for freshman class president are  David Duggan and Emma Hammerson.

ASB hopes to release the results of the election on the same day it takes place, according to Song.

“Ballots will be counted by Mr. Hall, Mr. [Grant] Blackburn and hopefully a couple other teachers,” Song said. ”The ASB Executive Council will be present at the counting. Election results will be released by 4 p.m. the same day [Thursday].”

More information to come once the results of the election are released.