Paly student hit by car

Amanda Carlsson, Author

[Amanda Carlsson] Firetruck and police car parked at the scene
A student from Palo Alto High School is at the hospital after sustaining minor injuries today after being hit by a car biking home from school at around 3:05 p.m. on the intersection between Kingsley Avenue and Bryant Street.

A witness, a sophomore at Paly, saw the incident as it occurred while walking home from school said, “My friend got hit by a car and I saw it happen.”

According to the witness, the student, also a sophomore, failed to stop his bike at the stop sign in the intersection and thereby did not notice the approaching vehicle. “He [the driver] stopped right after he hit him and parked his car somewhere and came back and luckily a police car was going right by so we just called the police car up and he helped us out” he said.

“I was just walking home and I was calling out to him and he saw the stop sign but didn’t really care, he looked back and forth a bit to see if there was a car coming.” he said. “I guess he didn’t see it because the car was coming really fast and was far back and he tried to turn like dodge the car but the car just kept on going and hit him.”

Three police cars was at the scene together with an ambulance and a firetruck. The student had some large bruises and was complaining about back pain as he was transferred into the ambulance where he was checked before driving away to the hospital.

More to come.