Fire alarm cancels SAT at Paly

Grant Raffel, Author

Update: A make-up SAT will be offered Saturday, May 19 for students affected by the May 5 cancellation.

A fire alarm canceled today’s SAT tests at Palo Alto High School before many students had a chance to begin.

The alarm began ringing at approximately 8:38 a.m., at which time students were evacuated from classrooms and sent to the soccer field, where they waited while firefighters responded to the incident and secured the campus.

When the students returned to their respective classrooms almost an hour later, they were notified that the College Board had decided to cancel the test.  A make-up date for the test will be announced in the future, according to the College Board.

While some classes had begun taking the tests, others were still in the pre-administration process of filling out the necessary information on the answers sheets and test booklet.

The College Board is a not-for-profit company that runs many tests for high school students including the SAT I, SAT II and AP tests.