Leadership team chosen for Verde

Noa Braun, Author

Verde, Palo Alto High School’s news and features magazine, selected new leadership team on Tuesday, April 10.

Staff members of Verde voted on future editors after listening to speeches and lessons taught by the candidate; however, the ultmate decisions were made by the previous editors in chief.

Editors in Chief:

Ana Carano, Sharon Tseng, Evelyn Wang

News Editor:

Sharon Cohen

Profiles and Features Editor:

Katy Abbott

Perspectives Editor:

Savannah Cordova

Launch Editor:

Lisie Sabbag

Culture Editor:

Melissa Wen

Design Editor:

Spencer Carlson

Technology Editor:

Benjamin May

Business Manager:

Elisa Rerolle

The new editors will undertake their new roles in April, with assitance from the former leadership team

“I feel really adrenaline-filled,” said Evelyn Wang, one of the new editors in chief of Verde.