Rick Takeuchi for Sophomore Class Presidnet

Juliana Moraes-Liu, Author

Editors’ Note: official candidate statement is provided by the Associated Student Body and is reviewed by Student Activities Director Matt Hall

Hi, I am Rick Takeuchi, the current Class Vice-President. 

I want to continue serving in ASB next year, with my experiences and passion. Let me work to make our class’s bonding even stronger.  The theme color for sophomore is RED; R for Resilient, E for Enthusiastic, and D for Dynamic. Just like vivid RED color, we will stand out in this Paly community!

Through working together with our current president, Claire, I learned two key factors; “strong sense of belonging” and “lots of communication”.  On previous Spirit Week, we demonstrated our pride as Class of 2015. Now, we are going to make even bigger differences.  The key is, “It’s not only me, not only ASB…but ALL of us!”  I ask each of you, to bring your heart, your ideas, even your questions! Let us walk together and enhance our group identity, as one Resilient, Enthusiastic, and Dynamic community!