Kate Marinkovich for Junior Class Vice President

Juliana Moraes-Liu, Author

Editors’ Note: official candidate statement is provided by the Associated Student Body and is reviewed by Student Activities Director Matt Hall

Why vote Kate Marinkovich for Junior Class Vice President? I am ready to listen to you. Everybody deserves an equal voice when it comes to what happens on campus. A good relationship with your class representative is key, and this year I want to make ours stronger. As your Junior Class Vice President I will listen to every one of you and make sure your ideas are heard. I will make myself available for anybody to come and discuss all ideas and concerns. I will work closely with the Junior Class President to ensure that our decisions reflect your ideas. It is time for our class to come together. I mean, we do want to win those Spirit Week unity points next year, right? All joking aside, a vote for Kate Marinkovich is a vote for a responsible, capable, and passionate student who is ready to make a change and strongly represent the incoming junior class in ASB. Vote Kate Marinkovich for Junior Class Vice President!