Josh Stabinsky for Senior Class Vice President

Juliana Moraes-Liu, Author

Editors’ Note: official candidate statement is provided by the Associated Student Body and is reviewed by Student Activities Director Matt Hall

Hello Beautiful Soul,

My name is Josh Stabinsky, and I’d like to be your Senior Class Vice President. “Why”, you ask? I care about youYour time at Paly is almost up. We can make this a special year together, you and me. I’ve been in Palo Alto my whole life. I know exactly how this “life-thing” works and all its scandalous trickery. I believe that our class will become stronger as a whole through solid leadership, and I can guarantee prom will be a memorable one if elected. I take spirit week far too seriously, and I believe my passion for all things spirit will help to lock up the win you all deserve. We must emblematically rise as a nation. This year will truly be magical if I, a fellow beautiful soul, help guide you through this journey as a united force.