Jessica Tam for ASB President

Juliana Moraes-Liu, Author

Editors’ Note: official candidate statement is provided by the Associated Student Body and is reviewed by Student Activities Director Matt Hall

Dedication. Support. Enthusiasm. These are the traits that the student body deserves from Paly’s ASB. As Junior Class President this year, I have been involved in numerous aspects of Paly and ASB, thus my experiences have shown me the best parts of Paly as well as what needs to be improved.

I LOVE Paly. My greatest goal for next year is to increase ASB’s interaction with the student body so that ASB can be a more supportive group for the whole school. I hope to continue ASB’s current efforts of transparency as well as integrate more events geared for the student body throughout the year. ASB also has the responsibility to take care of each student when it comes to controversial issues such as academic and social pressures, thus I hope to find new methods of relieving such stresses in the Paly community.

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