Schedules distruibuted via Infinite Campus

Juliana Moraes-Liu, Author

In an administrative attempt to be more environmentally friendly, second semester schedules will be distributed to students via Infinite Campus, according to Assistant Principal Kimberly Diorio.

Unlike in previous years, students will not receive paper copies of their schedules.

“We are not going to be distributing hard copies like we’ve done in the past,” Diorio said. “We’re hoping to save some trees now that students can easily view their schedule through Infinite Camps.”

Students who would like a paper copy of their second semester schedules can get one at the Student Center Monday morning.

“We’ll have Guidance staff available in he Student Center early Monday morning (starting at 7:45 a.m.) who can print schedules for anyone who would like one,” Diorio said.

Schedule change forms will still be on paper, and will be available on the Paly webpage, according to Diorio.