Seniors maintain slim lead after second day of Spirit Week

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Today’s lunchtime rally featured inter-class sumo competitions. The seniors held on to a 45-point lead following the second day of Spirit Week activities.

– Kyle Liu

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Palo Alto High School seniors are holding on to a narrow lead after the second day of Spirit Week festivities, racking up a total 332.5 points — 45 points ahead of the juniors.

Juniors place second at 287.5 points, sophomores in third at 232.5, while freshmen trail in last place with 182.5.

The main contest today was the sumo wrestling competition, where two competitors from each grade put on sumo wrestling costumes and had 30 seconds to push their opponents out of a ring. The competition was split into two brackets, one for the girls and one for the guys.

In the girls bracket, senior Emilee Osagiede defeated freshman Tatiana Loops and sophomore Charlotte Alipate, seizing a victory for the seniors.

In the opening round of the guys bracket, junior Specer Drazovich defeated sophomore Andrew Frick, and freshman Nick Beeson upset senior Tory Prati. Drazovich then defeated Beeson to claim victory for the juniors.

“It feels awesome,” Drazovich said. “[There was a] lot of good competition out there. I think we had the right gameplan. We went in with the right mindset and we came out on top.”

In the “best-dressed” contest, each grade selected two competitors to be judged on the creativity and flamboyance of their outfits.

In the final round, freshman duo Ethan Colburn and Grete Saue won after vocal support from their own class, the sophomores, and the seniors. The juniors finished second.

“I feel really great about the freshmen uniting together and showing what we are,” freshman vice president Rick Takeuchi said. “We are not underclassmen but we are a unique group of people with many talents to show our spirit and our pride towards high school.”

After the second day, juniors are in the lead in the jar wars competition with a total of -388 points. Sophomores are trailing behind with -868 points, the freshman have -970 points and the seniors are last with -2953 points. Jars are in the library and contributing a penny to a jar will add one point while any other form of change or bills will subtract that many points, according to Paly YCS-Interact club. 

Tomorrow is color day. Freshmen should wear orange, sophomores red, juniors yellow, and seniors green. A rally will be held during lunch on the quad.

For official Spirit Week score tallies, please visit the Associated Student Body Facebook page.

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