Administration hopes quad will revert to its green state

Juliana Moraes-Liu and Noa Braun


The grass on the Paly quad dried up after a pipe was ruptured during construction. Now that the irrigation system is restored, the administration hopes that the grass will turn green again.

– Noa Braun

Palo Alto High School administrators hope that the grass on the quad will grow green again, after it dried out from the shutting down of the irrigation system two weeks ago when a pipe was ruptured.

“That’s what we hope,” principal Phil Winston said.

The watering system for the quad was disrupted after a pipe in the construction zone was broken, according to Berkson.

“One of the pipes got broken due to the construction that’s going on in the back of the school,” Berkson said. “It’s been about two weeks.”

The construction company fixed the pipe feeding the Paly quad’s watering system on Monday, Sept. 13, according to Winston.

There have been concerns that the grass died during the period the irrigation was turned off, but the administration maintains positive thoughts.

“I think it still has hope for growing back at this point,” assistant principal Jerry Berkson said. “Otherwise, that would be something that I would assume the construction company would take care of sometime in the process whether it’s now or 22 months from now. But, I’m pretty sure we’re not going to have just a dirt field for the next two years.”

If the grass has died, the administration assures that new grass will be planted.

“If we need to, we’ll definitely replace the grass,” Winston said.

Rumors that inappropriate figures were drawn on the quad, causing the administration to turn off the irrigation system, were negated by both Winston and Berkson.