Editorial: Egg Wars

Juliana Moraes-Liu, Author

The Paly Voice does not condone or excuse the actions of the participants in Tuesday night’s vandalism of the Gunn High School campus and the injury of several Paly students. We feel that the response of Paly administrators was appropriate to the situation.

Although a minority of the student body took part in the incident, which students call “egg wars,” we realize that these actions reflect negatively on the entire student body.

Vandalizing the Gunn campus showed extremely poor judgment. It was thoughtless and indecent to involve Gunn in an issue that pertains only to the Paly community.

The spirit of the Paly tradition does not include destruction of private property or intent to injure our fellow students, whatever their graduation year.

Initially, it appeared that the administration intended to suspend the majority of participants in egg wars for a period of several days. However, in a statement released to the Paly faculty and published on The Paly Voice, Principal Jacqueline McEvoy radically reduced punishments for students involved in egg wars.

The Paly Voice feels that McEvoy’s response, which determined punishment for participants in egg wars on a case by case basis and provided for mandatory community service for a majority of involved students, was an appropriate resolution to the egg wars incident.

Spirit Week is intended to create a positive atmosphere that promotes community.

We advocate upholding the essence of Spirit Week.

As Paly students, it is our responsibility to rectify our mistakes and act in way that represents the considerable intelligence and integrity of the Paly community.