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Students to take politics to state capitol

Paly’s own Junior Statesmen of America club will be traveling to the state capitol the weekend of Feb. 9-10. for a taste of the national political scene.

The club will participate in a conference simulating the inner-workings of the United States Congress.

“JSA is a student-run organization for those in high school who are interested in politics and government, foreign affairs, the law, and education,” vice president Tyler Blake said.

JSA Chapters from all over Northern California will participate in the upcoming Winter Congress. The simulations will take place in the actual committee rooms of California’s State Capital building. Over 1,000 high school students will break into committees and go over important issues of the day, based on bills that Paly and other JSA Chapters will be submitting, prior to the start of committee.

“Winter Congress is modeled after the United States Congress, which is a particularly relevant and important decision- making body,” JSA president Rajan Narang said.

The club currently consists of 10-15 students who have attended the conference for the past four years. There are students that come and go and new members are always welcome.

“At the conference we will be acting as ourselves or in political terms, Independents,” said Narang.

Conceived in 1934, more than 500,000 high school students participate nation-wide. The JSA Program intends for its members to become active, informed citizens with regards to politics and current global issues.

“It is a great chance to be able to get a sense for the committee system of politics for anyone who might be interested in joining Congress someday,” Narang said.

The conference will enable motivated students to get an idea of how the Congressional system works by branching out into separate committees.

“When the committees come back together to debate on the full house, that would be useful experience for student government in college,” Narang said.

Past examples of bills that the Paly chapter has proposed include sanctions on “blood diamond” exporters, partial legalization of heroin, and the secession of California from the Union.

“Current bills are Corn/Soy Subsidies and alternate energy,” Blake said. “They are really good.”

If interested in the Junior State of America, contact Rajan Narang, Club President at: [email protected]

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