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Club Day showcases student interests

During Palo Alto High School’s second-semester Club Day Tuesday outside of the library, junior Kira Loginova promotes the Accessibility and Inclusion Society of Palo Alto club. According to Loginova, AISPA advocates for increasing awareness and accessibility for students with disabilities. “My club is about making Palo Alto more accessible for disabled people,” Loginova said. “I’ve noticed that within our school and communities, it’s not very great to exist as a disabled person. We’re trying to raise awareness, get some word out about social activism.” (Photo: Kristine Lin)

From pickleball to chemistry, students picked up a variety of new hobbies and interests at Palo Alto High School’s Club Day, which took place during lunch Tuesday in front of the library.

Here are some new clubs that caught our eyes:

Co-presidents Oliver Rasmussen and Christian Sue introduce the Pickleball Club to interested students. (Photo: Nathan Jiang)

Pickleball Club

If you ever find yourself roaming around Mitchell Park, you may hear thuds and whacks and be alerted to a group of people playing pickleball. According to co-president and junior Oliver Rasmussen, pickleball is an easy-to-play sport that can also spur on social connections.

“Pickleball is really easy to pick up; anyone from all walks of life can play it,” Rasmussen said. “That’s not something you find in every sport, so the easy access of it makes it a great place for people to spend time together.”

Rasmussen said his goal for the club is to share his love for the sport.

“I love pickleball, and it’s important to share your passions and interests with your peers,” Rasmussen said. “I just want to educate more people about pickleball because it’s a lesser-known sport, so I hope more people find a love for it.”

The Pickleball Club will meet after school on Thursdays at the outdoor basketball courts.

President and freshman Anjali Dahncke shares her love for Taylor Swift with the Paly community. (Photo: Kristine Lin)

The Taylor Swift Club

For lovers of breakout singles like “Blank Space” and “Cardigan,” fellow Swifties can unite at Paly’s Taylor Swift Club. According to club president and freshman Anjali Dahncke, the club aims to provide an open, inclusive community to welcome both old and new fans.

“My club is for anyone that’s a fan of Taylor Swift,” Dahncke said. “There’s so many people I see walking around with Taylor Swift shirts, and since she’s such a big thing at the moment, I thought that’d be fun if I could create a space for people to just enjoy her music and participate in discussions and do all sorts of fun activities.”

Dahncke said that meetings would consist of watching and listening to the pop singer’s creativity.

“There is so much analysis and appreciation for her lyrics, her visuals, and all of that she includes in her work,” Dahncke said. “She is just a really big person in our time.”

The Taylor Swift Club will meet during lunch every other Friday in Room 220.

Chemistry Club

Co-president and junior Forrest Chou describes Chemistry Club while eating strawberries. (Photo: Nathan Jiang)

Juniors Allie Jackson and Forrest Chou are the co-presidents of Chemistry Club, which will meet biweekly on the second and fourth Thursdays of each month in Room 1704.

According to Chou, he started the club because of his passion and admiration for other science clubs.

“I participate in other clubs such as Physics and Astronomy Club, and it was super cool to see them every week,” Chou said. “I’ve always had a big passion for chemistry, so I think it was just really natural for me to try to start Chemistry Club.”

Chou said the existing chemistry club, ChemConnect, focused more on tutoring, while the new one will focus on learning chemistry through group activities.

“ChemConnect attempted to connect people with tutors,” Chou said. “Chemistry Club is going to be more focused on group activities. We’re going to have lectures, and then we’re going to try to learn chemistry together.”

According to Chou, the club plans to teach beyond normal chemistry curriculum.

“We’re gonna try to teach interesting stuff that you’ll definitely not find in chemistry class,” Chou said. “We’re also going to try to do labs, if that’s possible.” 

Junior Asya Buyukcangaz markets her club, Veterinary Medicine Club, to an interested student. (Photo: Kristine Lin)

Veterinary Medicine Club

Pet parents and social activists can find their community at the Veterinary Medicine Club, led by junior Asya Buyukcangaz, who said she hopes to raise awareness on animal welfare issues.

“The club is about advocating for animal rights and encouraging the Paly community to have a passion for helping animals,” Buyukcangaz said. “[Students can] gain excellent diagnostic and problem-solving skills in which they can learn about various animal diseases, zoonotic diseases, and jobs that major in the veterinary medicine field.”

Buyukcangaz said students can also earn service hours for their efforts.

“We also plan to host more opportunities for volunteering in the future,” Buyukcangaz said. “There can be a major project where members can create posters or slideshows about the research they have conducted in relation to the veterinary medicine field. This could be animal viruses, technological improvements in this field, [and] sustainability on animal health.”

The Veterinary Medicine Club meets during lunch every other Thursday in Room 551.

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