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Teachers bust moves, seniors lead in ‘Generations Day’ rally

Dressed in floral skirts and collared button-ups, Palo Alto High School seniors eagerly watch the Spirit Week rally during lunch today at the Earl Hansen Viking Stadium. According to senior Sophie Robinson, the spirit at the rallies is unmatchable. “Those [rallies] are definitely the best,” Robinson said. “They’re just so hype. The vibes are amazing.” (Photo: Celina Lee)

Watch me dance, dance the night away. My heart could be burnin’, but you won’t see it on my face…

Palo Alto High School teachers moved and grooved to the upbeat tunes of Dua Lipa’s “Dance the Night” during Spirit Week’s “Generations Day” lunch rally today on the football field. While some teachers were covered in blood and gore as part of their zombie costumes, others participating in the dance sported Barbie-themed pink outfits. Students in the stands cheered in glee as they saw their teachers busting out dance moves.

Following the teachers’ dance, the rally featured a relay race among different class grades. Participants had to follow a series of obstacles: rolling through an inflatable bubble ball, limboing under a rope, and playing tic-tac-toe with competitors by placing colored vests in a three-by-three array of hula hoops. The class points are yet to be announced.

While the seniors maintained their lead in Spirit Week points through today’s intense games, for many, the best part of the rally was the teacher dance.

Senior Sophie Robinson said it was funny and surprising to see her teachers out on the field showing off their moves.

“The teachers’ dance was so fun,” Robinson said. “One of my history teachers, Ms. [Caitlin] Drewes, did it and it was so funny to watch. Good for them for going out there.”

According to Early Childhood Development and Advanced Authentic Research teacher Hilary McDaniel, who led the choreography, she was delighted to hear the students’ excitement.

“It is a rare circumstance for teachers to get that kind of enthusiasm from students,” McDaniel said. “What I love is the students are so good-natured about it, even though it doesn’t matter what we actually dance or look like. They’re just excited to have us be a part of their Spirit Week and I think that’s really special and why it’s so fun for everyone.”

Despite the sophomores losing against the seniors in the relay race, sophomore Brendan Giang said the rally still allowed him to connect with his class.

“[It is] a little sad that sophomores [placed] last, but it’s okay, [because] just getting together with your grade is a bonding experience,” Giang said.

Robinson said she enjoyed seeing her classmates dressed up as elderly people.

“Senior citizens are by far probably one of the funniest ones [dress-up themes],” Robinson said. “The senior dress-up themes are absolutely amazing.”

Freshman Katie McCue shared a similar sentiment, saying the dress-up themes are one of the most important aspects of Spirit Week.

“I really liked dressing up and seeing people’s outfits, and also learning all these different chants,” McCue said. “I’m going to go shopping today to be all decked out tomorrow with my costume and with my friends.”

For the last day of Spirit Week tomorrow, the dress-up theme for freshmen, sophomores, and juniors is green and white, and camo for seniors. The final rally of the week will take place at 2:40 p.m. after school tomorrow at the Earl Hansen Viking Stadium, where students will showcase their class floats and spirit dances. The winner of the spirit dance competition will perform their class dance at the Homecoming football game at 7 p.m.

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