Seniors commit to colleges on Signing Day


Palo Alto High School coaches and senior athletes gather for a photo following committing to their college of choice for sports during Signing Day on Thursday at the Peery Family Center. According to senior Julian Galinda Macias, it was especially satisfying to see the accumulation of all his effort build up over the past years. “Seeing all my work pay off at the end was rewarding, especially because there were a lot of times that my work wouldn’t show off in my results,” Macias said. “It was nice, just being able to, especially this last season, play at the level that I shouldn’t be playing and have and create bonds with my teammates at Paly as well.” (Photo: Ketan Altekar-Okazaki)

After years of hard work and late-night evenings, students are finally moving on to the next step in their sporting career, a moment exemplified by Signing Day on Thursday during lunch at the Peery Family Center.

For many athletes, this event shows a big step toward playing at the next level of their respective sport, honoring those who are going on to pursue their particular sport in college. According to senior Ethan Harrington, Signing Day was a meaningful event for him and his peers.

“All my peers are here as well as everyone I’ve worked hard with to get here,” Harrington said. “Being able to see everyone here, together, just feels good. It shows to everyone that we have all collectively worked hard to get to where we wanted to be.”

According to athletic director Jennifer Crane, Signing Day was a success not only for the athletes, but also for the families.

“I think that it [Signing Day] looks very professional and I’m so happy with the turnout of the families and of the students,” Crane said. “It was really meaningful to have a lot more students present this year.”

Senior Julian Galindo Macias said being able to continue to play golf in college will be a key part of his experience in future years.

“I look at golf as something I will add to my college experience and as something I really look forward to,” Macias said. “I can keep playing competitive sports, while also creating bonds with my future teammates which is rewarding.”

Macias said some advice he has for younger athletes is to keep trying your best as it eventually may pay off.

“Working hard and persevering is the number one thing since there are always going to be times where it seems like your goals are too far out of reach,” Macias said. “However, if you just keep on trying, eventually the results will come.”

According to Crane, using the lessons that these athletes used [learned] from their time at Paly, they will be able to conquer whatever they face in their college years. 

“I know it’s [signing day] so meaningful for these student athletes,” Crane said. “They’ve already learned by being a dedicated student athlete at the high school level, so many valuable life lessons, and they’re going to continue to grow in that aspect. I’m proud of them, and I’m so happy that they get to experience this process.”