Breaking: Smoke reported in 200s building, students evacuated

Brennen Ho and Jonathan Chen

Firefighters prepare to enter the 200s building on the Palo Alto High School campus. (Photo: Benjamin Grimes)

Firefighters are on Palo Alto High School’s campus after smoke was reported in the 200s building.

Around 1 pm, students with classes in the 200s building were instructed to meet in the Peery Center instead. An announcement was made to the whole school, alerting students to evacuate the building, although, the school-wide fire alarm was not triggered.

According to Principal Brent Kline, the evacuation was caused due to a mechanical failure.

“It was a faulty HVAC system that shut down, but now it is back on,” Kline said.

The Paly Voice will follow up on this reporting as more information becomes available.