Boichik Bagels arrives at Town and Country

Carissa Tsui and Lucianna Peralta

With everything from Eggything to Pumpernickel Raisin Swirl bagels on the menu, Boichik Bagels is now open for students in Town and country anytime from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. to satisfy any sudden carbohydrate cravings.

The original Berkeley location made New York Times headlines in an article about the West Coast bagel boom early last year and the opening of the Palo Alto storefront, which happened yesterday morning, has been anticipated by many in the community for months now.

For those looking for a cheaper and quicker bite than elsewhere in Town and Country might offer, Boichik offers bagels for $3 a piece (and every 12th bagel free) as well as bagel sandwiches complete with fish and spreads and various beverages. However, there is no Paly special or discount at the moment.

A client buys a bagel from Boichik Bagels. According to owner Emily Winston, the store is here to stay in Palo Alto. “We’re going to be part of this community for a very, very long time,” Winston said. (Photo: Daniel Garepis-Holland)

Owner Emily Winston says she was very excited about the opening despite the various challenges that opening a new location presented.

“We signed the lease back in December last year, so it’s taken quite a while,” Winston said. “It’s a lot of planning, designing, working with the government offices, we have to go through fire and health permitting, and the city building code…. It took many many months, [but] we finally get to open so it’s great!”

Junior Nina Smith was one of many Palo Alto High School students interested in seeing what the store had to offer that would set it apart.

“I was curious to see the variety of bagels that they have,” Smith said. “I’m used to the typical bagel with cream cheese and trying something different would be cool.”

The store’s opening day was highly successful, with all of the freshly prepared morning’s 1800 bagels having almost been sold out by noon.

According to Winston, Palo Alto is only the beginning, as she hopes to expand Boichik Bagels further in the future.

“I’m planning on building [what] I like to call it a bagel empire,” Winston said. “And this is the first step. I’d love to see this [Boichik Bagels] become like a real solid piece of Palo Alto culture.”