Generations Day “best-dressed” activity showcases spirit

As Spirit Week draws to a close, students continue to show off their school spirit and fight to earn points through best-dressed activities during brunch on the Quad. 

The theme today was Generations Day: freshmen as “babies,” sophomores as “teeny boppers,” juniors as “professional/career,” and seniors as “senior citizens.” 

Junior Ben Bakhash said the variety in the dress-up themes made for an enjoyable rally experience.

“I liked how it was very spread out from like toddlers to seniors, which made the rallies so much more enjoyable and fun to watch,” Bakhash said.  “The seniors had really funny outfits with the walkers and how they stuffed things in their shirts.”

For freshman Jonathan Bakhash, Spirit Week was a great start to high school.

“I thought it was a really good experience for the freshmen,” Bakhash said. “I loved how ASB ran it [Spirit Week] and the spirit rallies. I also liked how people were very creative with their costumes.”

According to junior Anna Ghereghlou, ASB did a good job with their overall organization of Spirit Week.

“I think ASB and admin do a really good job running Spirit Week, especially with all the changes that have been thrown at them recently,” Ghereghlou said. “They do a good job with supporting all the grades and making sure everybody has a good time during the week.”

Although the Spirit Week scale-backs cut the number of rallies in half, junior Hannah Rofman said she still found the week enjoyable.

“I love all the school spirit and I love being with my friends and getting together,” Rofman said. “It was really sad that we didn’t have rallies the first few days, but it [the Quad activities] were great.” 

According to junior Ekaterina Oks, dressing up is only one of many enjoyable aspects of Spirit Week.

“I love all the activities, especially during brunch,” Oks said. “My favorite part was seeing everybody dressed up and super spirited.”

Senior Adrian Chu mentioned how Spirit Week helps bring all students together. 

“Spirit week is a great bonding experience for the student body,” Chu said. “And it’s really good for each class to have its own identity.”