Breaking: Hybrid plan up in the air with county moved to Purple Tier

Sophia Krugler, Managing Editor

Following Governor Gavin Newsom’s announcement Monday that several California counties, including Santa Clara County, will move to the state’s Purple Tier effective Tuesday, Palo Alto Unified School District secondary schools will remain completely online for the spring semester unless the county’s status changes again, according to a Nov. 16 Superintendent’s Update

The news came only three days after Friday’s Superintendent’s Update stated that Santa Clara County was expected to move into the Red Tier on Tuesday due to “a rapid spike in COVID-19 cases and a significant increase in hospitalizations.” However, Santa Clara County was moved from the Orange Tier directly to the most-restrictive Purple Tier, skipping the Red Tier all together. 

In the update Monday, Austin stated that elementary schools, already open with safety measures, will remain open for now. The district will not be able to proceed with its hybrid plan for secondary schools in the spring semester if Santa Clara County remains in the Purple Tier, according to the update.

Austin asked parents and students to continue submitting their decisions to either stick with distance learning or opt into the hybrid plan in case Santa Clara County is moved back down to the Red or Orange Tier.

Todd Collins, PAUSD Board of Education President, stated in an email to The Paly Voice that the Board does not yet have any special meetings scheduled in light of the announcement. The Board will meet next on Dec. 15.