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Seniors lead Spirit Week into day three

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At the close of the second day of Palo Alto High School’s Spirit Week, the seniors lead all classes with a total of 85 points.
The sophomores claim second place with 48 points, but the juniors (46 points) and the freshmen (42 points) are close on their tails.

Points are awarded primarily for demonstration of class spirit, which is displayed in a variety of forms. Inter-graduating class activities held during lunch rallies figure significantly in earning points, as do the volume, quality, and originality of class cheers, and the number of individuals who dress according to class specific themes each day.

Day two, Tuesday, featured a strong showing by the seniors. The rally activities consisted of a relay in which students put on shirts and shorts then ran across the gym, and of a saltine cracker relay that required students to sprint across the gym, eat three saltine crackers each, and whistle for judges before returning to their teammates. The seniors garnered first place honors in both relays despite notable competition.

"I was a bit scared at the beginning," senior saltine cracker eater Kelli Fangonilo said. "We were slightly behind."

While victorious Tuesday, the seniors faced rigid competition Monday. Despite winning the teacher wrapping contest, they were unable to match the juniors in bucket passing proficiency.

Logistically, organization of Spirit Week has proved slightly more difficult this year than in the past. After heavy rain for the majority of Tuesday morning, the spirit commissioners had to relocate the lunch activities usually held outside into the main gym, a first in Paly history.

"We did an excellent job of dealing with the rain," ASB president Charles Vickery said. "We had the first rally in the gym, and it went really well. I’m really proud of everyone’s involvement."

Classes have the opportunity to change the current standings during lunch activities, but more importantly, through the quality of their float and spirit dance which are both exhibited during half-time of the football game Friday. Spirit Breakfast, a rally held before school, is another such opportunity, and will be held at 8:10 a.m. in the big gym, Thursday.

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