Recap: Seniors maintain lead on final day of Spirit Week

Hallie Faust and Kira Sterling

Students eagerly await the final Spirit Week results, which will be announced at the Homecoming Dance Saturday, after seniors maintained their lead during Friday’s lunch rally at Palo Alto High School.

Seniors race to the finish line in the final leg of the relay race during Friday’s lunch rally on the last day of Palo Alto High School’s Spirit Week. Following the rally, seniors maintained their first-place lead, with final results to be announced at the Homecoming Dance. “I thought that this Spirit Week was pretty good for our grade because we really bonded,” said senior Maddy Druker, who participated in the senior class dance as well as the relay race. “We definitely had a lot more spirit than we have had in past years.” Photo: Margaret Li

Freshmen, sophomores, and juniors came decked out in green and white outfits to celebrate Paly spirit, while seniors came dressed in camouflage and their class jerseys.

At the lunchtime rally, 13 students from each grade participated in a relay race, which included a soda can challenge, a balloon chain, a ball hop, a giant puzzle, and a tarp carry to the finish line. Seniors came in first, with sophomores close behind in second, and juniors and freshmen coming in third and fourth, respectively.

“It was a solid effort to the line, and we just pushed through,” said sophomore Diego Diaz, who participated in the relay race. “It was in the wheelhouse the entire time.”

The lunchtime rally also included a teacher dance performance and was followed by an after-school rally, where grades debuted their floats and spirit dances.

Senior Maddy Druker said she enjoyed participating in Spirit Week and the senior class spirit dance, but said she felt that her class’ participation in float building was lacking.

“What we made is super awesome, but I feel like we could have done a lot better if more people had come,” Druker said. “It still turned out great in the end.”

Although the final results, which will include the results from the after-school rally, have yet to be announced, the seniors currently top the leaderboard with 14,950 points, juniors are in second place with 13,700 points, sophomores are in third with 12,850 points, and freshmen remain last with 10,700 points.