Sportsmanship and Spirit Week 2019

Kaahini Jain, News Editor

Monday will bring the beginning of Palo Alto High School’s annual Spirit Week, with grade wide themes such as Shrek and Lifeguards.

This year’s Spirit Week brings up questions about sportsmanship, an issue which cost the Class of 2020 the third place title during last year’s Spirit Week. 

“We talked with [Paly Principal] Mr. [Adam] Paulson about the issue and decided to increase the penalty for poor sportsmanship,” Associated Student Body President Pooja Akella said.

According to Akella, the number of points deducted will depend on what is done if bad sportsmanship occurs this year.

“ASB hopes that this will prevent students from acting negatively towards other grades,” Akella said.

As always, each day has a theme and students dress up to represent their grade level. 

On Monday students will be wearing outfits matching their grade’s theme which was voted on earlier this year. The freshmen theme is jailbreak, sophomores are lifeguards, juniors are PacMan, seniors are Shrek and staff are wearing pajamas.

The lunchtime rally will host the beloved tug-of-war game where students come together as a class to compete against the other grades for class points. At the end of each lunchtime rally, there will be a contest to determine the best-dressed student of each grade level. 

For more information about dress-up days and rallies during this year’s Spirit Week, go to the Paly ASB website.