Annual school picnic held for Paly students and staff

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Paly’s all school picnic, often referred to as Field Day, took place today and included activities such as an obstacle course, bungee basketball, boxing, jousting, a teacher dunk tank, and a car show displaying Paly students’ cars.
Despite the rain, the quad was filled with students from all four grades.

Auto teacher Doyle Knight recruited fifteen Paly students to show off their cars. In past years the show has not attracted as much attention as it did this time around. The cars included classic Mustangs, Honda Civics, Chevrolet Bel Airs, Pontiac Trans Ams, and newer Mustangs. Senior David Oxborrow won Best in Show with his black El Camino.

Sophomore Rachel Freier-Miller and study skills teacher Kris Brockmann’s teacher dunk tank was a fundraiser for students and teachers participating in Camp Anytown next year. Paly teachers such as Marco Dondero, Douglas Walker, Kenyon Scott and Letitia Burton took part in raising money for the event. According to activities director Joann Vaars, the dunking tank raised approximately $80.

A long line for the BBQ started to form well before lunch, and the free food proved to be quite popular among students.

"I thought that field day was much more successful this year than it has been before," junior Todd Shulman said. "The cars were the best part, but the free food is always important to me."

The most popular activity seemed to be the obstacle course, which had a line of at least thirty students throughout the entire lunch period. Another favorite activity was the bungee basketball. This activity consisted of two players starting back to back and attached to a bungee cord. On the count of three each player had to sprint forward to try to place a velcro basketball onto a hoop approximately 15 feet away from the starting position. "I did it two times and it was so fun," senior Jossy Tseng said. "Field Day is always my favorite day of the year because it releases so much stress and you can just relax and have fun."