Lighting proposal scores approval

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I concur with the PAUSD administration that the entire Palo Alto High School community could benefit from lights at the Hod Ray Field and commend the decision to install them for night games next year.

We at Palo Alto High are fortunate enough to have a beautiful new track; in the interest of ‘excess is not excessive,’ why don’t we take any opportunity that presents itself to make our track the crown jewel of the Bay Area? The lighting system is to be funded by private donators at no cost to Paly or the district. Athletic events would be positive solutions to nightly adolescent boredom.

Furthermore, the lights will definitely improve attendance at games and meets. There’s just something about being active at night, or even being out at night in an active atmosphere, that lends a great deal of energy and excitement to any event. Our athletes playing in night games would not have to miss hours of class because of naturally lit afternoon meets. Working parents would be more available to attend late games, and visiting teams would just be so intimidated by our ultra-swank setup, not to mention the extra exposure for the cheerleaders, dance team and band.

Just think of the revenue that night games would generate. Obviously, with a higher attendance level, the increased refreshment and ticket sales benefiting Paly’s athletic programs would lead to even better facilities and maybe even sufficient uniforms. Money derived from lights-increased proceeds may benefit the aquatically inclined by bringing the budget a financial stroke closer to that new pool.

Besides, the track team (not to mention soccer) will also be delighted to reap the benefits of ‘let there be light(s)’. Those meets start early and end late, sometimes after sunset; other than respect, the least we deserve is some adequate lighting.

Although the plans have certain drawbacks, we feel that the positive attributes gained by lights at the track outweigh adversity. Yes, the area would be noisier; yes, the traffic would be worse. But if you live next to Paly, you’re more than likely already used to noise and traffic jams, so what’s a few more seasonal hours of irksome teenagers to deal with?

Paly could even have an inclusive, neighbor-friendly promotion: people living within two blocks of the track would receive complimentary earplugs and hot dogs for every night game.