Newly elected Freshman President, Vice President promise inclusive class

Sophia Krugler and Malia Wanderer

Freshman Ayush Singh stands outside the Media Arts Center at Palo Alto High School as he explains his goals as associated student body freshman class vice president. Singh said he is excited to work with other officers and to get involved in student government. “Everyone is nice, and [ASB] is a nice community to be in,” Singh said. “I really like it so far.” Photo: Sophia Krugler

The class of 2023 can anticipate a welcoming environment, according to two newly elected freshman leaders.

The freshman class elected Ashley Meyer as associated student body president and Ayush Singh as ASB vice president. Meyer says she plans to unify her grade as it transitions into high school.

“I want our freshman class to be known as inclusive and kind to all,” Meyer stated in her campaign speech on Aug. 20. “I want to feel comfortable and excited to come to school to get to know new people and not be afraid to try out new things.”

Meyer also hopes that Spirit Week will provide an opportunity for her grade to rally together. 

“I want everyone to be really friendly and get involved … especially with spirit week,” Meyer said. “Since we’re new, we don’t really quite know what spirit week is, so I want everyone to help out and participate.”

Meyer has never been in student government before, but she is eager to get involved in her school community.

“I had friends who did it, … and they said it was super fun, a great experience, so I wanted to try it out,” Meyer said. “So far, I’ve really enjoyed it, it’s really fun.”

Although Freshman Vice President Ayush Singh does not have any major changes in mind, in his campaign speech on Aug. 20, Singh said he was excited to be involved in student government and represent the class of 2023.

“I want to create a fun, inclusive community where I can advocate for your ideas,” Singh stated. “I’m dedicated to working hard and making the best first year of high school for all of you and making Paly better with our fresh new ideas. We need to come together as the class of 2023.”