Monthly Pajama Days to start Friday

Sophia Krugler and Kira Sterling

Junior Jenna Hickey stands next to one of the several posters hung around the Palo Alto High School campus advertising the first monthly Pajama Day this Friday. Although some students are excited about the event, Hickey expressed her concerns about holding Pajama Day every month. “Some people just wear sweatpants to school on a daily basis, so making it every month is kind of excessive,” Hickey said. Photo: Sophia Krugler 

As promised, the first of many Pajama Days aimed to reduce stress will take place Friday at Palo Alto High School.

Ben Knopper, Associated Student Body Vice President, sees Pajama Day as a fun way for students to relax. During his election in the spring, Knopper promised regularly scheduled Pajama Days as a key point in his campaign. 

“During my campaign, I wanted to make a difference and create a commitment to the students at Paly that I could keep,” Knopper said. “I wanted to be open and honest, and Pajama Day was just the commitment that I could keep.”

Students can expect to see monthly Pajama Days throughout the rest of the year, but dates have yet to be determined.

“We’re working on a flexible schedule, sort of whatever’s easiest,” Knopper said. “We’ll have lots of publicity beforehand, so we’ll make sure to let you guys know.”

Although Knopper is optimistic about the project, junior Jenna Hickey expressed her concerns on holding Pajama Day in the warm weather. 

“I don’t think they should put it when it’s 80 degrees outside because I feel like people own more sweatpants and flannel [pants],” Hickey said. “I don’t think people want to come in short pajama shorts.”

In contrast, junior Lulu Gaither said she was thrilled about wearing pajamas to school this Friday.

“I’m super excited for Pajama Day,” Gaither said. “It makes the school day a lot more chill and less stressful and is also a great way to get some Paly spirit going!”