Aspiring rapper kicks off Quadchella

Dylan Fu, Managing Editor

Students on the Quad can expect to enjoy a bevy of performances all throughout the rest of the week from student performers as part as a part of Quadchella, the most recent in the line of Palo Alto High School music festivals, which started today during lunch.

Today’s performance featured only one student: graduating senior Alex Daw. According to Daw, this was his second time performing at one of Paly’s music festivals, and much like his last performance, Daw performed some of his original rap pieces for the crowd on the Quad.

“Skoglobe was the first time I ever performed any of my full music, and the response I got was that people really liked it, and I decided that I might as well do it again.” Daw said.

Students in the audience also echoed similar sentiments with today’s performance.

“I’m personally not much of a fan of rap music, but I felt that what I heard from [Daw] was pretty good regardless,” junior Jordan Lee said.

Daw also voiced his regret in not participating in more performances in his time at Paly.

“I feel like I wasn’t as confident in my abilities last year,” Daw said. “But I decided [this year] that it was my senior year and I might as well try and that really changed my outlook on how I think about myself.”

Daw also had some words of advice for students performers who are hesitant to sign up for Paly’s music festivals.

“You’re never going to know if you don’t try,” Daw said. “If you can try — just go out and do it — people will like it. Everyone here is supportive.”

Tomorrow’s Quadchella performers are Eric Sheffer and Camila Urteaga.