JSA heads off to convention over weekend

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The Palo Alto High School division of the Junior Statesmen of America club is going to the Northern-California Spring State JSA convention. They will return Sunday afternoon.

The convention will be held at the Santa Clara Marriott. JSA members from all over Northern California will be attending. "It’s fun, and people really get into it," Paly senior and JSA vice president Lily Rafii said.

Many members of the Paly JSA are going. Since they will be gone all weekend, they will have limited time to do their homework. "At night we have some time, and Sunday afternoon I always do all my homework anyways," Rafii said.

In the JSA Spring State, the Northern Californian JSA members vote on Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and Mayor.

The JSA Spring State is divided into Northern California and Southern California divisions because California is such a large state. "You meet a lot of really interesting people," Rafii said.
The division between Northern and Southern California means that there is very little political diversity in the JSA convention, according to Rafii.

"What I wish was that there was more political diversity," Rafii said. There are a disproportionate number of very left-wing people at the JSA convention, which according to Rafii makes the conventions less interesting. There are always a few right-wing people, but most of the political spectrum of the attendees is within the left-wing range.

The JSA is a nationwide club which aims to get students interested in the American political process. The Paly division’s president is senior student Peter Ahn.

The previous JSA convention was the Winter Convention in February.