Boys’ and girls’ varsity track and field teams lose to Gunn (57-70, 58-67)

Sophia Krugler, Managing Editor

Palo Alto High School sophomore Madeline Lohse crosses the finish line during a track and field meet against Gunn High School on Tuesday at Paly. Paly lost both boys’ and girls’ varsity (57-70, 58-67), but won boys’ and girls’ junior varsity (77-50, 66-56). Lohse, who took third in the women’s varsity 400-meter event, says she hopes to earn a personal record at the Santa Clara Valley Athletic League – De Anza League trials next Tuesday. “I want to try to do distance running because I think that will help my stamina and endurance on the four [400 meter],” Lohse said. “I think shorter sprint-work isn’t going to help me as much as longer distance is.” Photo: Sophia Krugler

The Palo Alto High School track and field team lost both boys’ and girls’ varsity (57-70, 58-67), but won boys’ and girls’ junior varsity (77-50, 66-56) against Gunn High School in its last dual meet of the season, Tuesday at Paly.

Sophomore Madeline Lohse, who took fourth in the 200-meter event and third the 400-meter event, says the team has improved throughout the season.

“The whole season has been a fun time and everyone’s a team,” Lohse said. “A lot of people have been getting new PRs.” 

Junior Miranda Jimenez, a top-scorer for the Vikings, came in first place in the 800-meter and 1600-meter events. Jimenez was pleased to earn personal records in both events with a 2:32.67 in the 800-meter event, and a 5:15.03 in the 1600-meter event, especially after coming back from an injury last season.

 “It was really big to come back and have some good races,” Jimenez said. “It feels great, and hopefully I can keep PR-ing the rest of the season.”

According to Jimenez, although Gunn is Paly’s cross-town rival, the teams are supportive of one another.

“You’d probably think it’s a big rivalry, but they’re our friends,” Jimenez said. “It’s really cool because we know a lot of them, and they’ll come over and run and say hi to us.” 

Head coach Michael Davidson agreed that the meet allowed for friendly competition.

“The kids like to have fun,” Davidson said. “The four-by-four – we call it the fun by four – at the very end, so it makes it a little bit more lighthearted in that perspective.”

Davidson also said that the rivalry between Paly and Gunn had no effect on his runners’ performances.

“The kids who really want to compete and are out to win, they’re going to compete regardless of who’s in front of them,” Davidson said.

Paly will face off against Gunn, Los Gatos, Los Altos, Lynbrook, Milpitas, and Mountain View during the De Anza League Trials 4 p.m. Tuesday at Los Altos High School.