ASB elections open, feature largest pool of candidates to date

Allie Feitzinger, Editor-in-Chief

Candidates running for office in the Associated Student Body eagerly await for fellow students to cast their ballot in Palo Alto High School’s elections, which features the highest number of candidates to date.

The number of candidates in the running this year is unprecedentedly high, with 23 candidates overall, breaking the previous record of 22, according to Pooja Akella, current Clubs Commissioner and candidate for ASB president. 

“While we have had a decent turnout of voters in the past, this year marks the largest pool of candidates running, so we would absolutely love to increase our voter turnout as well to reach a record high,” Akella said.

Votes can be cast on TallySpace, and the link will be live until approximately 3:40 p.m. Friday, according to Student Activities Director Matthew Hall. Results may be released Friday evening, though the timing is contingent upon several factors. According to Akella, it’s dependent upon whether or not candidates remove campaign items from campus, as well as the duration of the verification process. Historically, results have been released either Friday evening or Saturday morning. 

All current freshmen, sophomores and juniors are permitted to vote for their respective class officers, in addition to executive officers, including ASB president, ASB vice president, ASB treasurer and ASB secretary.

According to Akella, student leaders encourage their fellow students to vote.

“ASB urges the student body to vote so that there is a greater say in who the leaders are that reflect student voices every day,” Akella said.

According to a Schoology post by Hall, students seeking further information prior to voting should utilize available resources. These resources include the candidates’ speeches, consolidated in a YouTube playlist, as well as an online document featuring each candidates’ desired position, a photo and a brief statement.

Campaigning began March 20, as evidenced by posters and flyers plastered along Paly walls and numerous Instagram pages devoted to the election, which have become a preferred campaigning tool.

Appointed roles will be decided later in the school year, and a special election for Senior Class Vice President will follow Spring Break due to the lack of candidates for the position.