Oren’s Hummus coming to Town and Country

Amy Yu and

Oren’s Hummus Express will move into Town and Country where Tony’s Fast Chicken was previously located. According to the Oren’s Hummus press release, the menu will provide options for vegans, vegetarians and those with strict diets. “I’m quite excited to check it out — it’s hard to find places at Town and Country that offer tasty gluten-free options,” junior Sky Croce said. Photo: Amy Yu

Oren’s Hummus will open its first express restaurant in the space previously occupied by Tony’s Fast Chicken in Town and Country Village in April.

According to a press release from the restaurant chain, the shop will have a to-go bar for hot items as well as a cooler filled with popular dips and drinks. The menu will also offer hummus bowls, rice bowls, falafels, kebabs and sandwiches.

Additionally, the restaurant chain stated in the press release that the menu will have options for diners who want vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options.

Junior Sky Croce, who eats a gluten-free diet, said it is hard to find stores in Town and Country which offer gluten-free options.

“From what I’ve heard, it [the Oren’s Hummus menu] seems promising,” Croce said. “Fingers crossed.”

Despite the express concept, owners David Cohen and Mistie Cohen said their focus is bringing healthy and excellent food to students, visitors, families and tech workers. The Oren’s Hummus commission kitchen in San Jose will still make and deliver fresh food to locations every day, according to the press release.

“We still do everything fresh, every day,” Cohen said. “Wherever we go, we will never sacrifice that.”

According to the press release, the decision to expand to Oren’s Hummus Express was the result of the success of the four full-service restaurants in Palo Alto, Mountain View, Cupertino and San Francisco. The Cohens also said they are planning to expand the express concept to East Palo Alto and San Francisco by the end of the year.

Currently, Oren’s Hummus is remodeling the space in Town and Country. According to Brooke Sector, a public relations agent and account supervisor, Oren’s Hummus Express will open sometime in April.