Palo Alto teachers to bargain with district superintendent against salary cuts

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The Palo Alto Education Association intends to reject the district superintendent Mary Frances Callan’s plan for teacher wage cuts in a school board meeting tonight, according to an email sent by Bill Empey, PAEA’s Chapter Services Consultant.
Callen hoped that the teacher’s union might go along with wage cuts in order to lessen the district’s $3 million budget deficit for next year. The district has told the PAEA to accept wage cuts or face layoffs, according to the PAEA executive board’s resolution on Jan 22.

Tonight, the PAEA members will voice their opinions about the superintendent’s plan. The teachers have their own resolutions to keep their current wages while working to lessen the deficit.

Some of the teacher’s propositions include holding a “community forum on budget crisis,” according to PAEA executive board’s resolution created Thursday, as well to “suspend or eliminate PAUSD Cabinet level bonuses and car allowances.”

The PAEA is also concerned with keeping current healthcare benefits, advocating “No Reduction of Health Care Benefits!” as stated in their resolution.

The PAEA will be meeting with Callen, and other district board members, this evening at the Palo Alto Unified School District office on Churchill.