Ribbon-cutting for new library next Wednesday

Amy Lin and

According to Assistant Principal Jerry Berkson, the delay in the library opening is partly due to furniture. While most of the furniture has arrived, some of the furniture, including the Guidance and Career & College Center furniture, will take longer to receive. Photo: Amy Lin

Palo Alto High School’s new library, boasting improved facilities and a new makerspace, will open on Feb. 6, featuring a ribbon ceremony and a band performance.

The library is undergoing final touches, including making sure whiteboards slide smoothly and adjusting acoustics in the silent study room. According to Assistant Principal Jerry Berkson, some of the furniture has been further delayed.

“The contractors are still perfecting things and making sure everything works correctly,” librarian Rachel Kellerman said. “Unfortunately, it’s taking longer than they thought. … It’s disappointing because we were really trying for January, but it looks like it’s not going to be until February.” 

The new makerspace will likely contain large tables suitable for prototyping, and a 3D printer. According to librarian Rachel Kellerman, teachers are allowed to book the space for their classes to use. Photo: Amy Lin

In addition to collaboration rooms, a silent study room and a computer lab, the library will contain a makerspace. The makerspace has a concrete floor, an industrial sink, cabinets and a ventilation suitable for a 3D printer.  It will serve more as a space for prototyping than a place for heavy machinery. Students interested in using the makerspace will need adult supervision.

While the Academic Resource Center will be staying in Room 408, the library will have a new silent study rooms with custom tables. Collaboration rooms will be free for students and teachers to book and use. The Guidance Department and the College and Career Center will also be moving to the library, although this date has not yet been decided.

“We’ve never had a proper silent study room,” Kellerman said. “It [the new silent study room is] is a beautiful space because when you see it. … the lights are dim and it makes you feel peaceful inside.”

The library will be open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. As before, students will be allowed to check into Tutorial and a “no food or drink” policy will be enforced.