Game of Throws features world champion jugglers tonight, tomorrow

Dylan Fu, Managing Editor

The gala show of the second annual Game of Throws, a “juggling-flow-manipulation” arts festival hosted by Palo Alto High School’s Juggling Club, will take place at 7 p.m. tonight in the Performing Arts Center.

The festival, which lasts for three days, features performances from famous jugglers as well as workshops for beginners. In addition to the gala show, highlights from the schedule include juggling battles and a free lottery drawing.

Student Activities Director and Juggling Club adviser Matt Hall expressed his excitement for the event.

“This year we have a lot of amazing performers coming in,” Hall said. “We’ve brought in the winners of the group World Juggling Tournament, Circus Luminescence, as well as the silver medalist for the individual tournament, Jonah Greenhouse, so there’s a lot of amazing performances to look forward to. “

These performers, as well as others, will showcase their talents at tonight’s special gala show. Gala tickets are $10 and can be purchased during festival hours in the Peery Family Center, at the door or online.

Hall said the purpose of Game of Throws is to educate the community about juggling.

“I want this to be an opportunity to introduce the larger community around the school to state-of-the-art manipulative, circus, juggling act,” Hall said.

For more information about activities and the event schedule, visit the Game of Throws website here.