Winter rally ends in tie game, prom reveal

Allie Feitzinger and Kira Sterling

After a tense staff-versus-seniors basketball game resulted in a tie at Palo Alto High School’s Winter Rally, both teams were left unsatisfied.

Despite an early lead gained by the seniors with a handful of three-point shots, the annual game ended 25-25.  In the last two seconds of the game, Assistant Athletic Director Sydney Davis was fouled, and she went on to sink two free throws, tying the game.

Assistant Athletic Director Sydney Davis goes for a shot despite two defenders making a move for the ball. A foul was called in the last two seconds of the fourth quarter, and Davis’ free throws brought the score to a tie. “I think the foul was warranted, and Sydney is a great shooter so it wasn’t a surprise she hit the shots,” Seniors coach Ellie Jeffries said. “With that being said, the reffing was pretty consistently bad through the game.” Photo: Kira Sterling

As the buzzer sounded the game’s end, bleachers of students chanted “overtime,” but their calls didn’t come to fruition.

“I definitely think there should have been OT,” Seniors coach Ellie Jeffries said. “No game should end in a tie.”

In spite of the game’s unsatisfying end, the students said they enjoyed the opportunity to participate and saw the end score as an improvement from last year’s staff victory.

“It’s a good last hurrah as a second semester senior to play in this game,” senior Mary Fetter said.

Senior Cole Sotnick is triple-teamed by staff players and loses possession of the ball. The seniors said they were grateful for the opportunity to participate, including senior Ellie Jeffries, who coached the senior team. “Coaching was a super fun experience and pretty easy given what an athletic class we are,” Jeffries said. Photo: Allie Feitzinger

During halftime, the Associated Student Body announced 2019’s prom location by pitting the juniors against the seniors in a word puzzle. The juniors claimed victory, spelling out this year’s prom location, the San Francisco Design Center Galleria. The dance will be Saturday, April 13.

Paly’s Cheer and Dance programs both performed during halftime as well, each routine entertaining bleachers full of students.

The Paly cheer team performs its routine in front of the packed bleachers in the small gym. The halftime show was a much-anticipated event, with both the dance and cheer teams performing. “Performing at football games is a lot different from basketball, mostly because you’re far away from the crowd,” sophomore Charlize Nguyen, a member of the cheer team, said. “When you’re in the gym, you’re in close quarters so you can really feel the energy of the crowd.” Photo: Kira Sterling

Students hoping for a rematch of the basketball game will have to wait until next year’s winter rally, when the Class of 2020 and staff will clash. In the meantime, students will have the opportunity to attend prom in April at the San Francisco Design Center.