Verbatim: Students’ plans for Thanksgiving break

Gracia Hmelar, Managing Editor

Come Thanksgiving break, many students will travel to visit their families or to just get away. Others will enjoy their break by relaxing at home. The Paly Voice caught up with a few students and staff to ask how they’re spending their long-awaited break.

Freshman Julia Hirschman: For Thanksgiving, I’m going to meet the rest of my family in Santa Paula, and I’m going to learn how to fly planes. Photo: Margaret Li
Junior Makayla Miller: I’m probably going to go to Tracy, California, and hang out with my uncle, dad and grandma. Photo: Margaret Li
Registrar Krissy Ludemann: My husband and I and my son are going up to my brother’s house in Rough and Ready, California, and my husband and I are going to go up to Reno for the night. Photo: Margaret Li
Junior Marcus Ama: I’m going to a soccer tournament in San Diego. Photo: Margaret Li
Assistant Principal Katya Villalobos: I’m spending the holidays with my family. We get together and make it an American, Salvadorian Thanksgiving, with Salvadorian food, plus all the normal Thanksgiving foods like turkey and mashed potatoes. Photo: Margaret Li
Senior Kenzo Morabia: I’m planning on doing a Friendsgiving with my friend group. Besides that, I’m going to a watch some T.V. and sleep. Photo: Margaret Li
Senior Sarthak Pant: My Thanksgiving plans are to visit some family friends and catch up on sleep. Photo: Margaret Li