Preview: Generations Day to feature Ring Toss and Name That Tune

Benjamin Huang, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Day Four of Spirit Week, Generations Day, will feature students dressed as Babies, Teeny Boppers, Sophisticates, and Senior Citizens as the weeklong festivities head towards the finale.

Freshmen will don pajamas and pacifiers as Babies. Sophomores will dress as Teeny Boppers, emulating the Greasers and Pink Ladies. Juniors will wear formal business attire as Sophisticates and seniors will dress as Senior Citizens, leaning on canes and sporting beards. 

The games during the lunch rally will be Ring Toss, where students compete to throw an inflatable inner tube onto each other as many times as possible within a time limit, and Name That Tune, where students from each grade try to correctly identify a song after a short section of it is played.

“Tomorrow we have Name That Tune, which should be super fun and is always a great way to get lots of people involved, and the last day of float building, which is always really big,” senior class president David Foster said. “I hope everyone comes to float building tomorrow.”

Float building will take place in the auto shop from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Foster said that so far, Spirit Week has been running smoothly.

“I think Spirit Week has been going very well. I think the senior class is doing amazingly, and I wouldn’t expect anything else, but I’m really proud of that,” Foster said.

For more information, go to the Associated Student Body website. Check back in tomorrow for more coverage of the festivities and score updates.