School schedule to be finalized by ISC after months of heated debate

Benjamin Huang and Dylan Zou

The district board office, where the Innovative Bell Schedule Committee will convene today to discuss the final Palo Alto High School bell schedule.
The Innovative Bell Schedule Committee will convene today at the district board office to discuss the final Palo Alto High School bell schedule. The ISC started holding meetings since Sept. 12 last year.

The Innovative Schedule Committee is looking to make a final decision on the Palo Alto High School bell schedule during today’s 4 p.m. meeting in the Palo Alto Unified School District Office Board Room.

According to committee member junior David Foster, a final decision will require a consensus vote.

The committee aims to determine whether or not C days will remain in the schedule, and when “even” days — days that include periods 2, 4, and 6 — will start, according to Committee member Maurice Wang.

“We’re in the process of considering… even days starting later than odd days in the morning by moving PLC [Professional Learning Communities] to the morning of even days so students can get to school later, maybe 10 o’clock,” Wang said.

According to the latest schedule options listed by the ISC, there are currently 21 different schedules in consideration, including some with 92-, 90-, 85-, 83-, and 80-minute periods.

Wang says that the reception by students is likely to be mixed when the final schedule is unveiled.

“When Paly first introduced the C-day and the block schedule — before that they had, I believe, every-day C-day — people hated it,” Wang said. “But now everyone likes it over what they had before, so it’s gonna be hard to tell whether or not students will like it — they definitely won’t like it immediately.”

Junior Donald Taggart says that the elimination of C days would be a welcome feature of the new schedule.

“I assume that the C days are going to be all gone,” Taggart said. “Everyone kind of hates those, so it would be great to see those go away. Other than that, I’m not really sure.”