Softball defeats rival Gunn in close game

Eric Bo-Han Yap, News Editor


Senior batter Shalana Erlich steps up to the plate and prepares to swing against Gunn High School on Wednesday. The Vikings lead 3-1 in the 3rd inning. Photo: Eric Yap

After a long tough game, the Palo Alto Varsity Girls’ team (7-3) defeated Gunn High School (9-8) after school Wednesday at home.

In the 4th inning, Gunn was ahead 8-3 but Paly was able to pull through. Gunn hit many doubles while Paly struggled to keep pace. However, throughout the next few innings to the end of the game, Paly steadily scored against Gunn, making a six-point comeback to victory.

The crowd was extremely spirited during the game and helped Paly recuperate according to spectators.

The Vikings have had a strong season so far, crushing several of their opponents by double digits. Junior Sophie Frick credits her teammates and their reliability on the field.

“Our teamwork out on the field has only been great,” Frick said. “It’s been very cohesive and served as a big part of how we usually win games.”

According to senior captain Maggie Renteria, the team is optimistic about the game against Harker High School.

“I think today’s win against Gunn really boosted our morale,” Renteria said. “We are definitely gonna go in with a lot of confidence and if we do fall behind, we will pick back up the game, but that won’t happen.”

Although the rivalry between Paly and Gunn is very strong, Coach Brooke Binkley discussed some tips with her team and says that she has high hopes for the remainder of the season.

“I think the team’s performance has been amazing so far this season. We have a great chance of winning and I think the team will do well if we go in every game calm and overthink it,” Binkley said.