Boys’ soccer celebrates new season with haircuts

Julia Qiao and Annika Behal

To celebrate the beginning of a new season, the new members of the Palo Alto High School boys’ varsity soccer team have their hair cut by returning players as part of a yearly tradition. These haircuts feature a variety of styles, including symbols and fancy designs.

Players shave each other’s heads together as a team bonding event and wear them for a few weeks before shaving them off.

There are some concerns that this tradition could be considered hazing, however, players have the option of opting out of the haircuts. This year, one player chose not to have the haircut.

“I feel like for me, it kind of symbolizes how much we’re willing to sacrifice for the team and for Paly,” sophomore Isaiah Schoenberger said. “Even if you look bad, we’re all playing soccer, we’re still playing with varsity and it’s awesome.”

Check out some of this year’s haircuts below.

Sophomore Isaiah Schoenberger’s haircut was modeled after that of junior varsity coach Jack Bungarden, Isaiah said.

Sophomore Nathan Seto sports a yin and yang haircut, styled by senior captain Derek Schoenberger.

Senior Nicholas Camarena had his name, “Nick,” and a line shaved into his hair.

Jason Shorin, sophomore, received a haircut called the “creature.” According to Shorin, “It just happened, I don’t know how.”

Senior Yahli Malchin had a yarmulke, a religious Jewish cap, shaved into his hair.

Junior Kiran Misner had half his head shaved with a line cut into the left side.

Sophomore Kenzo Morabia’s haircut was designed by Derek Schoenberger, who styled a face with a mustache and sunglasses on the back of Morabia’s head. “He [Derek Schoenberger] named it Steve,” Morabia said.