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Ways to enjoy winter break in the Bay Area

Looking to have some fun over winter break without leaving your beloved Bay Area? Check out these fun and festive winter activities you can do close to home. 

Explore your own city:

The Mill located in Alamo Square in San Francisco is a known for its cozy atmosphere and well made coffee and cinnamon toast. Photo: Aisha Chabane.

Even though you may think you know your city there is always more to explore. Grab a few friends and hop on a train to San Francisco and begin an adventure right at home. Union Square is a super festive location with its decorated Christmas tree in the middle of the square. This spot offers a variety of activities in the winter including shopping, ice skating and an animal adoption pop-up center. You can also venture over to the “Painted Ladies” a popular tourist attraction in the city which is conveniently located near a hip and cozy coffee shop called The Mill famously known for its cinnamon toast and great coffee.

The Movies:

“The Edge of 17,” released on Nov. 18, follows a struggling teenage girl as she learns to accept herself and others. This is a great movie to go see with your friends over winter break. Photo: Emma van der Veen.

Grab some blankets and head to your local movie theater to catch a new flick. Many movies will be coming out this December, such as “Office Christmas Party” and “Assassin’s Creed.” Other movies such as “Arrival,” or “Midnight” are already in theaters and are currently generating a lot of buzz and are sure to win some awards this coming Oscar season. If you’d rather stay in or want to save money, cuddle up on the couch instead and tune into a holiday special or watch the countdown to the new year in Times Square in New York City.

Ice Skating:

The Winter Lodge is a popular spot over winter break for beautifully lit up rink creating a cozy atmosphere. Photo: Emilia Diaz-Magaloni

A consistent winner for getting in the holiday spirit is dressing up in a cute scarf and winter coat and going ice skating at your local rink. The cold ice gives the illusion that California really does have a winter, a bonus to the fun, but challenging activity. Afterward, grab a cup of hot cocoa and sit by a fire to warm up, completing your typical holiday outing.

Making Winter Decorations:

Photo: Emma van der Veen.
Fun winter snowflake decorations light up the room. Photo: Emma van der Veen.

Grab some construction paper and some scissors and get to work! You can make snowflakes, homemade Christmas ornaments (if you celebrate Christmas) or strands of paper people to hang around your home. This is a great activity to do with younger children as well, so you can include all of your family members, no matter how young.

Gingerbread Houses & Baking:

Photo: Emma van der Veen.
The scent of pumpkin pie fills up the room, creating a festive vibe. Photo: Emma van der Veen.

Gather your friends and throw a sweet decorating party. This can range from sugar cookies with store-bought frosting to elaborate gingerbread houses with detailed adornments. If you are feeling very adventurous you can attempt to create different holiday treats from places around the world such as Mexican Citrus-pumpkin Flan or Italian Amaretti cookies.

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