Storify: 2016 elections

Aidan Maese-Czeropski and Adrienne Kwok

This year’s presidential, state and city-wide elections came into full swing on Nov. 8. Explore each candidate’s social media presence through this interactive collection, and read Palo Altans’ stances on these issues.

Republican candidate Donald Trump and democratic candidate Hillary Clinton face off for the presidential bid.

Senate candidates Democrats Kamala Harris and Loretta Sanchez will be fighting for the first open Senate seat in California in decades.

At the state level, democrats Vicki Veenker and Marc Berman run a tight election for California Assembly.

U.S. House of Representatives candidates are Democrat Anna Eshoo and Republican Richard Fox. Eshoo is expected to win the race. State senator Democrat Jerry Hill will be facing off against Republican opponent Rick Ciardella.

At the city level, eleven candidates are competing for nine spots.

Five candidates vie for three spots on the Palo Alto School Board. Melissa Baten Caswell, Jay Blas Cabrera, Todd Collins, Jennifer DiBrienza and Heidi Emberling have lobbied for these spots.

Palo Alto High School journalism teacher Esther Wojcicki will be voting for Jennifer DiBrienza, Heidi Emberling and Melissa Baten Caswell.