TEDx to host emcee auditions today

Chirag Akella, Author

The Palo Alto High School TEDx club will host its first ever MC auditions. Last year the club asked theater students, but have decided to have audtions to give more people the opportunity, Photo by TEDxPaloAltoHighSchool
The Palo Alto High School TEDx club will host its first-ever emcee auditions. Last year the club personally reached out to theater students, but instead are holding auditions to give all students an opportunity to emcee. Photo by Adele Bloch.

The TEDxPaloAltoHighSchool club will host emcee auditions at 3 p.m. today in Room 857 for its conference on March 26.

According to Head of Speakers Joelle Dong, this is the first time in its three-year history that the club has hosted emcee auditions.

“For the last two years, TEDx personally asked individual theater students to host,” Dong said. “But this year we decided it would be better to hold auditions and give more students the opportunity.”

According to Dong, the prospective emcees will be asked to deliver a practice script to the TEDx team and will be judged based on their confidence, speaking skills and stage presence.

Dong said that the club hopes to find more student participants by offering everyone the opportunity to audition.

“Paly has loads of talented, well-spoken and captivating presences, so we are psyched to see who comes out,” Dong said.

The emcee for last year’s conference, junior Jason Pollak, enjoyed his experience.

“Being an emcee for an event like TEDx is an opportunity that I’m very grateful to have had,” Pollak said. “Public speaking, from conveying information in an interesting way to engaging with the audience, is an invaluable experience that I wish more Paly students could have. The team at TEDx is super supportive and friendly, and it’s great being part of such a positive event.”

Students can sign-up to audition here.