Teachers defeat students at Winter Rally

The teachers defeated the senior class at the first student vs. staff soccer game during the Winter Rally last week. The final score was 3-2.

Due to current gym renovations, this was the first Winter Rally to feature an outdoor event instead of a traditional basketball game inside a gym.

“I think we adjusted really well to not having our gym,” Junior Class President Noa Ben-Efraim said.

After falling behind in the first half, the teachers took the lead in the closing minutes with a goal. Senior goalie Matt O’Reilly was disappointed with the game’s final outcome but thinks the students played well overall.

“I don’t think the game went quite as expected,” O’Reilly said. “We were hoping to win. But I think our team played really well, we just had a couple defensive miscues and I think the teachers also played really well. They took advantage of their opportunities. I just wish we hadn’t let in that one right in the end.”

Teacher Chris Farina says he enjoyed the game and thought that the staff played well.

“It was fun to have a back and forth game,”Farina said. “We had a good number of goals, kept it pretty exciting. I thought the staff did a good job sticking to our game plan and not doing anything too dumb.”