Music of the month: The must listen albums of November

Claire Krugler and Sherwin Amsbaugh

The Paly Voice rated November’s top albums from some of the world’s biggest superstars. Read below to see how they fared.

Sounds Good Feels Good – 5 Seconds Of Summer

Rating: 6.5/10
Best song of the album:
“Jet Black Heart”
Worst song of the album:

5 Seconds of Summer is touring across the world after the release of their latest album 'Sounds Good Feels Good'. The Austrailian band made it big last year after the release of their hit singles 'Amnesia' and 'She looks so perfect' released in 2014.
5 Seconds of Summer is touring across the world after the release of their latest album ‘Sounds Good Feels Good.’ The Australian band made it big last year after the release of their hit singles “Amnesia” and “She Looks So Perfect” in 2014. Image credits

5 Seconds of Summer’s ‘Sounds Good Feels Good’ is the perfect blend between Green Day and One Direction, combining the sounds of punk and pop to appeal to a wide market of listeners. This album is full of teen angst, incorporating catchy chants and simple melodies to make the songs enjoyable to listen to. However, the songs can become quite repetitive after a couple listens. If you’re looking for fun pop-punk album then it’s well worth the buy.

Made in the A.M. – One Direction

Rating: 8.5/10
Best songs of the album:
“What A Feeling,” “Drag Me Down,” “Infinity”
Worst song of the album

One Direction’s first album without former member Zayn Malik, and last one before their hiatus, could very well be their best yet. Classic One Direction songs such as “What A Feeling” and “Drag Me Down” compose the majority of the album, yet don’t sound completely rehashed like some of their previous songs. New styles of sound like “Temporary Fix,” which put a punk-pop twist on the typical One Direction sound keep the album fresh and exciting. The album hits very few lows, and even the worst songs are easy to listen to. One Direction is ending their tenure as the #1 pop band in the world on an incredibly high note, and hopefully we will get to see more songs sooner rather than later.

25 – Adele 

Rating: 10/10
Best songs of the album
“Hello,” “I Miss you*,” “When We Were Young,*” “Remedy*”
Worst Song of the album
Let’s be honest here, we couldn’t pick one if we had to.

“25” is breaking records after 3.38 million copies were sold in the first week, despite Adele’s decision to not make it available on streaming services. Many believe Adele’s third album has exceeded the already lofty expectations that many set after her critically acclaimed first two albums “19” and “25.” Image credits to

Adele’s much anticipated ’25’ is simply beautiful, matching the high bar set by her previous albums ’19’ and ’21’ in this 11 song masterpiece. The album has a unique modern sound similar to ’21’, but still comes across as new and fresh. Powerful ballads such as “Hello” and “I Miss You” leave you speechless, while upbeat songs such as “Water Under the Bridge” and “Sweetest Devotion” help balance out the melancholy feel to the album. If there is one flaw, it’s that the album is not available on streaming services and instead must be purchased. If you want to get over a breakup, move on from a loved one, or if you’re just looking for some good music to get you through rough times, this album will not disappoint.

*Not on Spotify

Purpose – Justin Bieber

Rating: 8/10
Best songs of the album:
“Love Yourself,” “Sorry,” “What Do You Mean?”
Worst songs of the album:
“Get Used To It”

Justin Bieber is back. Breaking away from his teeny-bopper sound, Bieber has made a comeback with many hits such as “Where Are Ü Now,” featuring Skrillex and Diplo, “What Do You Mean”, and “Sorry.” Many of Bieber’s songs include upbeat rhythms with dance-like melodies in the background. “Love Yourself,” co-written with Ed Sheeran, is a slow, soulful song. If you are a long time “belieber” or a new fan, you are bound to fall in love with this album.

Featured Album: Up-and-coming star Alessia Cara

Know-it-all – Alessia Cara

Rating: 8/10
Best songs of the album:
“Scars To Your Beautiful,” “Here,” “Outlaws,” “Wild Things”
Worst song of the album:
“I’m Yours”

Alessia Cara’s sultry voice could make any song sound good. This fresh artist from Canada is showing how capable she is following her EP ‘Four Pink Walls’ with the release of her debut album ‘Know-it-all.’ Cara has received the most attention for her clever and relatable lyrics in “Here” where she talks about being an “antisocial pessimist” who wants to leave a party. “Know-it-all” has aspects of upbeat songs, catchy verses, and some striped down soulful melodies such as “Here” that go beautifully with Cara’s voice. Alessia Cara may only be 19 years old, but her album embodies maturity in its relatable lyrics, soulful tone and her powerful voice. There is still room for improvement for Cara to find her distinct sound because she has incorporated many different genres into her music, but this debut album deserves applause.